Target Zero Injury

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees is one of the most important issues for the lime industry.

‘Safety first’ became the motto of the lime industry. Building on the dedicated activity started two years ago, the lime industry strives towards a no-harm target.

To improve safety records, EuLA and its members work on data gathering, best practices exchange, awareness and leadership seminars. The dedicated Task Force lead by Graham Copper from Tarmac/CRH put in place an ambitious programme based on the following principles:

A Commitment on Safety based on the above-mentioned principles has been signed by the Board and EuLA members during the AGM 2019: Signed declaration of commitment on Safety 2019 06 06

In addition, EuLA adheres to the IMA Europe initiative for an aspirational target of zero injuries for the sector which is agreed to be reached in two phases:

  • A 50% reduction in the global IMA-Europe LTIFR by 2016
  • A further 50% reduction by 2020
This Target Zero Injury strategy, to which EuLA adheres, is designed around four pillars:
  • Obtain commitment from all companies’ top management,
  • Reinforce data collection, with the aim to reach 100% reporting,
  • Exchange experiences: anonymous company safety alerts (on serious and fatal accidents) will be shared between members with recommendations on how to prevent them,
  • Organise IMA Safety Awards rewarding companies showing the best improvement performances in safety.


In October 2021, the EuLA Safety Task Force launched a EuLA Safety Leadership Roadmap to enable companies to assess their safety maturity profile.

The roadmap is part of a Safety Toolkit which was developed to help EuLA members improve safety in their companies. The compendium is evolutive and more tools will be regularly added.

The full toolkit is available here and here are links to the individual tools: