28 November 2018
“On 28 November 2018, the European Commission adopted a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A Clean Planet for... Read more
12 May 2016
For the lime industry, due to the high share of CO2 emissions coming from the decarbonation of the raw material (68% on average), the most important CO2 mitigation measures are “... Read more
11 December 2015
EuLA position paper concerning the revision of the EU ETS Directive post-2020. Read more
23 January 2015
In the frame of the current discussions within the European Parliament on the proposal from the European Commission to create a Market Stability Reserve for the EU ETS after 2020... Read more
Draft Environmental and Energy State Aid guidelines_EuLA reply_thumbnail.jpg
12 February 2014
EuLA participated to the public consultation on the Draft Guidelines on Environmental and Energy Aid for 2014‐2020 (Proposed by the European Commission on 18 December 2013). This... Read more
17 October 2014
On 17/10/2014, EuLA published a position paper (download) on the 2030 framework for energy and climate. The European Lime Association believe that the industry need a stable and... Read more
17 October 2014
In this Position Paper, EuLA presents how CCS technologies are relevant for industrial installations with a significant share of chemically determined process emissions. The paper... Read more
17 October 2014
The European Lime sector (represented by EuLA, the European Lime Association) is detailing in this paper a number of issues to be addressed within the 2030 framework for climate... Read more
1 June 2013
EuLA supports the Commission in its efforts to reach an international climate agreement that aims at  creating a global level playing field for companies and that contributes to... Read more
raw materials
1 April 2014
On 2 February, the Commission presented its Communication on commodity markets and raw materials. This communication sets out, inter alia, what has been accomplished since the... Read more