ANCADE (2009): Practical guide to lime in mortars.

The Spanish National Association of Lime and Lime Derivatives Manufacturers (ANCADE) developed a guide to construction professionals that provides information on the production and the use of pure lime mortars (with only lime as a binder) or composite mortars (with lime and cement), since unfamiliarity with the working methods of lime mortars is common.

The European Lime Association, with the help of its members, translated this guide to english, in an attempt to widespread this technical documentation. The original document (in spanish) can be found at the right column.

ANCADE, the Spanish Lime association, represents Spanish companies producing and marketing calcium or magnesium based limes and their derivatives. Ancade has been continuously developing the modernization of the Spanish Lime Sector, as well as promoting the use of lime in numerous applications: Industry, the Environment, Construction, and Agriculture.