20th October 2014. Lucideon develops a technical guide for EuLA.

MortarsLucideon has produced a technical guide: ``Lime in Mortars: Hydrated Lime – Benefits of the Use in Mortars`` for the European Lime Association (EuLA).

Launched during the 9th International Masonry Conference (Guimaraes, Portugal), this guide , the guide provides a review of the scientific literature around the benefits of using lime in cement-based mortars, in both the fresh (as mixed) and hardened state. The guide also evaluates existing information and highlights the direct benefits to mortar in general use, and specifically the durability and performance characteristics of mortar in service.

The guide is available through the following link: EuLA – Lime in mortars – Lucideon – Benefits of hydrated lime in mortars (bibliography)

On Lucideon’s website, Dr Andrew Smith, Head of Sustainability & Construction Materials, and author of the guide, commented:
“The guidance note provides the scientific basis for some of the beneficial properties that lime additions contribute to mortars, however it also goes to show that much of our understanding of how it performs is generally anecdotal. As a scientist, this came as a great surprise. I’ve grown up in the construction sector knowing that lime additions provide direct benefits in mortar, and was astonished to discover that the science behind how and why it works is not readily available. The document represents the current knowledge base, and provides lime and mortar manufacturers, users, and the scientific research community with a factual foundation of information from which to build as we start to fill the information gap.”

For more information on lime in mortars, you can consult the construction and civil engineering application page, or go through the various documents in our library.