Vansteenkiste S., De Visscher J., Denayer C. (2016) Influence of hydrated lime on the field performance of SMA10 mixtures containing polymer modified binder.


In literature, the beneficial effect of hydrated lime on the durability of asphalt mixtures has been demonstrated extensively, especially while performing laboratory testing. However, experimental evidence of the impact of hydrated lime in combination with the use of polymer modified bitumen (PmB) on the field performance of an asphalt pavement is rather scarce. Therefore, an initiative was taken to set up a test program of which the main objective was to gain as much experience as possible from the field. Hence, the comparative study focused on the assessment of the performance of SMA10 variants by the construction of test sections in combination with a series of laboratory tests.

The impact of hydrated lime on the performance of SMA10 variants was investigated at different stages. Prior and during the construction of the test sections, the effect of hydrated lime on the workability was monitored by carrying out either gyratory compaction tests in the laboratory or by a follow up of the in situ compaction by making use of the -nuclear gauge. Following construction, appropriate test specimens were taken by coring in order to probe for the resistance to rutting, the water sensitivity and finally the resistance to ravelling. This paper discusses and draws conclusions from this comparative field study with respect to the use of hydrated lime in SMA10 mixtures containing a polymer modified bitumen.


hydrated lime, polymer modified bitumen, SMA, field performance.