17th October 2014. EuLA publishes a Position Paper on the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

On 17/10/2014, EuLA published a position paper (2014 10 17 EuLA Position Framework 2030(update)) on the 2030 framework for energy and climate.

The European Lime Association believe that the industry need a stable and long term legislative framework that effectively combines EU climate ambition with EU industrial competiveness. The main points of the position paper are:

  • Ensure a coherent and integrated approach addressing altogether the GHG target, the risk of carbon leakage, and any structural measures on the EU ETS.
  • Adopt a technically and economically feasible 2030 GHG reduction target
  • Integrate the EU policies on energy, climate, and industry
  • Allow for the development of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • In the absence of a an internationally accepted and legally-binding agreement establishing an equivalent carbon burden similar outside the EU, guarantee predictability for the industry by setting the principles for the measures against carbon and investment leakage.
  • The most performant GHG installations under EU ETS should receive 100% of their needs in allocations for free.
  • Take into account the cumulative burden of the EU framework on the EU’s industry competitiveness (renewables, energy efficiency).
  • Ensure a reliable and competitive energy supply in Europe
  • Integrate requirements on “energy and climate” in international negotiations
  • Keep the whole value chain in the EU: the EU should focus on promoting recovery and growth of industrial production in Europe, in line with the objective to reinstate industry’s share of EU GDP to 20% by 2020.