EuLA (2015) Position paper on the use of hydrated lime in warm-mix asphalt

Hydrated lime is a known additive for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) but its use in the context of Warm Mix Asphalts (WMA) is not so well described in the technical literature. In this paper,  the use of hydrated lime in WMA has been reviewed. Most WMA technologies have already been shown to be improved thanks to hydrated lime addition. WMA technologies making use of surfactants need to be checked in a mix design study in order to assess their compatibility with hydrated lime. If the surfactant acts as an adhesion promoter, then substitution  by hydrated lime would probably be equally efficient. If the surfactant acts as a lubricant, then there is a risk of surfactant overconsumption due to adsorption on the lime particles.

EuLA Position on Paper on Warm Mix Asphalt
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