EuLA & BRRC (2022) Code of Good Practice – Soil Treatment with Lime

This publication presents the state of the art regarding soil treatment with lime in Europe. It results from the collaboration between EuLA (European Lime Association, Civil Engineering Task Force) and the BRRC (Belgian Road Research Centre). It is based on the existing knowledge and local practices in Europe regarding lime treatment of soils.

This document is addressed to agencies, investors and contractors concerned with earthworks and infrastructure projects in which lime treatment can be an affordable, durable and sustainable solution.

The document covers the theoretical fundamentals of the action of lime on soils and the keys to successful treatment, including laboratory studies and the practical aspects of execution and control. More than 15 case studies illustrate practical aspects, including the latest advanced techniques and innovations.

In addition to the technical aspects, the economic, environmental and societal benefits of lime use are also described.

The guide is in line with the new standards published by CEN/TC 396 (EN 16907-2 ‘Soil classification’ and EN 16907-4 ‘Soil treatment with lime and/or hydraulic binders’).