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LIME: Innovative development throughout the centuries!

Did you know that even in the Stone Age lime was already commonly used? Lime products and applications have continuously been developed continuously through time ever since.

Every European citizen uses approximately 150 g of lime daily. This means 55 kg per year on average and shows clearly the importance of the material LIME in our daily lives.

Lime is a natural product and is incomparable - no other chemical compound can do what lime can: cleaning waste water, preparing our drinking water and absorbing the pollutants from the air.

Lime enhances soil quality and is therefore extensively used in agriculture, ensuring a richer harvest. Lime is also used for disinfection in animal husbandry, preventing the outbreak of diseases.

Iron and steel? Unimaginable without lime! Just as are roads, houses, buildings. Nothing can be built without lime.

Lime is essential for the production of glass, paper, plastics and paint, as well as for the production of cosmetics, rubber or food.

No Day without Lime!

We would like to thank the German Lime Association "Bundesverband der Deutschen Kalkindustrie e.V."and the British Lime Association for providing comprehensive material to create this website.